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Painting and Colors are an Expression of Nubian Joy

Since the dawn of time, Nubians love artwork, and they express their feelings and love for the beautiful nature that surrounds their villages - the deep blue Nile river, the deep green palm trees and the yellowish mountains in paintings and decoration of all objects they produce, up to the sailing boats - the famous Feluccas - that allow them to travel on the Nile.

Nubians love to express their traditions, their way of life, the nature they love and scenes from their daily life, be it on the walls of their homes, on public spaces or on paintings. In accordance to the simplicity of their lifestyle, Nubian paintings are often abstracted and painted in stylized figures impregnating the viewer with a deep and lasting impression of the profound poetic message of nobility and dignity rooted on Nubian history and heritage their paintings are transmitting.

In our time, as any information - including art - is mainly transmitted electronically, several taleted Nubian painters and designers move to the Internet to promulgate their artwork, including graphic design and home decoration. We encourage young Nubians to develop their creativity benefiting from the numberless online lessons (some are available on our young visitors page ) and learning from the paintings by the outstanding Nubian artists exhibited on this page, and to embrace an artistic career contributing to the great Nubian art.

Abd Almun'em Awadallah

Abd Elmun'em Awadallah - عبدالمنعم عوض الله

Born in 1920 in Port Said as son of Nubian parents, Abd Elmun'em Awadallah studied painting and decoration. His art is rooted in the Nubian history, art and heritage, displayed in a modern style. He participated in many exhibitions and obtained several prizes, including from the French, Canadian and German embassies.

Paintings by Abdelmun'em Awadallah

Doctor Farid Fadhel Hanna Murkus

Artist Dr. Farid Fadel Hanna Murkus - الفنان فريد فاضل حنا مرقس

Doctor Farid Fadhel is an extraordinary artist combining his knowledge of human feelings, anatomy and expression to display not only the aspect of his personalities, but also their soul. He combines art and medicine to express people's lives and feelings, their joy, pain and suffering. That's why he manages to represent not only Nubian colors and beautiful nature, but also the innermost Nubian existence. Although he didn't grow up in Nubia, he artfully represents the Nubians' sadness over the loss of their beloved lands drowned in the floods of Lake Nasser.

1 معرض لوحات نوبية

Nubian Paintings Gallery (1)

معرض لوحات نوبية 2

Nubian Paintings Gallery (2)

Paintings by Dr. Farid Fadhel Hanna Murkus

Mamdouh Dawood

Artwork by Mamdouh Dawood

Gamal Latif

Gamal Latif - جمال لطيف

As most other Nubians, Artist Gamal Abdel Latif Ibrahim painted decorations on the walls of daughter's house after her wedding. The paintings impressed many people, and his friend - an Artist - suggested he should make paintings in oil color. Developing his talent, Gamal Latif started a great artistic career.

Nubian Artist Gamal Latif

Paintings by Gamal Latif

Mahmoud Shaaban Selim "Mahmoud Bakkar"

Mahmoud Shaaban Selim "Mahmoud Bakkar" - محمود بكار

Mahmoud Shaaban Selim, who goes by the artist name given by his friends - "Mahmoud Bakkar", is a Nubian painter born in Aswan and living in Cairo. His talent showed since he was a child and drew with color pencils. At 27 years, he has already assembled a nice collection of artworks.

Daily News Egypt article about Artist Mahmoud Bakkar - مقال في "ديلي نيوز ايجيبت" عن الفنان محمود بكار

Article by Daily News Egypt about Mahmoud Bakkar and his artwork illustrating the beauty of Nubia

Article by "Al Jarida" about Artist Mahmoud Bakkar - مقال في "الجريدة" عن الفنان محمود بكار

Article in Egyptian newspaper "Al Jarida" about Artist Mahmoud Bakkar and his artwork.

Paintings by Mahmoud Shaaban Selim "Mahmoud Bakkar"

Hussein Amin Bikar

Hussein Bikar - حسين بيكار

Born in 1913 in Alexandria, Hussein Bikar became one of the greatest Egyptian artists of the 20th century, until his death in 2002. He studied fine arts, and spent 60 years teaching art in schools and universities. Although he traveled to several countries around the Mediterranean and in North Africa, his paintings concentrate mainly on stylized figures based on tradition but containing a spiritual message of poesy, stability and nobility. That's why he was heavily influenced by the simple beauty of the Nubian nature and lifestyle, which he artfully expresses in his paintings of Nubia.

Hussein Bikar's life and artwork - حياة حسين بيكار وأعماله الفنية

Paintings by Hussein Bikar

المبدع فكرى الكاشف

Song by the great Nubian Artist Fikry Al Kashef displaying various Nubian paintings and styles

Artist Mohammed Bakkar

Mohammed Bakkar is a young creative painter and decorative artist from Aswan. We ecourage all young Nubian artists to apply and improve their skills... Please visit our page for our young visitors.

Artwork by Mohammed Bakkar