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Nubians cherish their language, poesy and literature

Like the other forms of Nubian art, the Nubian language has its roots in the ancient population of the Nile River spanning from Aswan in today's Egypt to Khartoum in Sudan. In fact, the Nubian language is a form of art, due to its melodious intonation that easily translates into poesy and songs. With its first written traces in the temple of Abu Simbel built in the 12th century B.C., the Old Nubian language alternated between periods in which it was written - as in ancient Meroitinc inscriptions in today's Northern Sudan - and periods in which the language was passed on orally. Recently, efforts from Nubian scholars brought the language back to a structured form written in the Nubian alphabet, derived from Greek and Coptic letters with some letters adapted to the specific sounds in Nubian. Extensive efforts are done to revive Nobiin and Kenzi, both derived from Old Nubian, by teaching the language to the young generation and Nubians whose parents were displaced from their villages of origin due to the construction of consecutive dams and the formation of Lake Nasser, that drowned a large portion of Nubian lands.

During the past century, Nubian literature experienced a similar strengthened interest, thanks to the novels of outstanding Nubian writers and the prolific love for poems among the Nubian people, many of which are expressed in marvelous Nubian songs. Similar to proverbs, that have ancient roots of popular wisdom, songs and poems as well helped preserve and carry on the knowledge of the language. They carry on the essence of Nubian heritage and traditions, describing all aspects of life within the Nubian society - from love to work to travel to joy and sorrow, and often contain a message inciting to ethical behavior and respect for the outstanding moral values inherent to the noble Nubian society.

Explore the Nubian language, literature, poesy, proverbs and customs

Nubian language

The Nubian Language

It is thanks to huge personal efforts by Nubian scholars that the Nubian language with its ancient origins could be saved from extinction, despite massive displacement of many Nubians and neglect by former governments of Egypt and Sudan. In a common efforts, Nubian linguists assigned an alphabet derived from Greek and Coptic letters, and wrote grammar and textbooks as well as dictionaries.

Nubian poesy

Great Nubian Poets

Poesy is as ancient as the Nubian language itself, and Nubians carry poesy in their hearts. The beautiful nature surrounding Nubian villages - or at least the remembrance of this nature for Nubians living in exile, have inspired many poets to write elaborate poems that not only enchant through the beauty of the Nubian language but also carry a deep meaning. Thus poets have a high standing in Nubian society and their work of art is read during seminars and public events and lovingly memorized and preserved by the population, who carries them on to the young generation. Poems are of course the essence of Nubian songs that carry the poet's message on through generations.

Nubian Writers

Nubian Writers

As in recent centuries the Nubian language was carried on orally, modern Nubian literature only started in the second half of the last century, when some writers started writing novels about Nubian life and ancient stories. After the displacement due to the creation of the artificial lake Nasser, most novels described the desperate living conditions many Nubians experienced in their new desert environment or in large towns, and their nostalgia for the beautiful ancestral lands and the dignified and peaceful life in Old Nubia.

Nubian books

Books Written by Nubian Writers

Nubian writers often had - and unfortunately still have - very limited financial means in order to publish their books. For this reason, many Nubian books were sold out or are out of press, and for the time being it is quite difficult to obtain them. Hopefully, as one of our future projects, we will be able to set up a Nubian library and re-print these valuable books and create electronic copies, so that they will become available to future generations of Nubians and lovers of Nubian culture.

Nubian proverbs

The importance of Nubian Proverbs

As a society looking back to a rich history and heritage, and the great respect Nubians attach to the advice and wisdom of their Elders, the Nubian community preserved its cherished proverbs which are often applied in common verbal exchange between people to remind each other of moral values or the right way to proceed. Even in some songs, proverbs are mentioned as a message of wisdom.

Nubian personalities

Nubian personalities

The Nubian society is keen of education and knowledge, of which it had been deprived a long time due to the remote locations of its villages. However, many Nubians sent their children to colleges and universities in surrounding towns. Many personalities have emerged in today's Nubian society, and efforts by Nubian cultural centers provide additional knowledge about the Nubian language, heritage, art and way of life.


Heritage and Traditions

As the Nubian civilization is considered to be the first cultured society in the World, heritage and traditions built up during millennia to give the Nubians rules shaping their way of life. Nubian traditions are closely connected to the Nile, the river that gave life and an independent livelihood to this great people since hundreds of thousands of years. Only recently many Nubian families where displaced to desert villages and towns, where it was impossible to live on in their ancestral customs. However, Nubians cherish their heritage and continue celebrating it in Nubian clubs, wherever they are living.

Nubian books

Books about Nubia

Although the importance of Nubian history as the first organized creative civilization in the World was long denied, due to international and even local prejudices, archaeologists and historians progressively admitted that Nubia predated and shaped the era of the famous Pharaoh's Egypt and the early cultures of Mesopotamia, the Arab Peninsula and the Middle East. These new discoveries gave rise to an overabundance of books covering a wide range of subjects from prehistory to the Old Nubian language to the ancient Kingdom of Kush and the Meroitic period that followed it. We will try to cover a part of these interesting studies.

Online libraries

مكتبة رائعة عن النوبة والتاريخ واللغة والثقافة النوبيين - كنز حقيقي من الكتب والمعلومات التي تم جمعها وتقديمها بواسطة "Dauti"

هذا الموقع الرائع ، الذي قدمته منظمة "ذاكرة العالم" - التي تدعو إلى الوصول الشامل إلى المعلومات - وأثريه داوتي ، النوبية المتعاون مع المشروع ، يحتوي على أكثر من 350 كتابًا متعلقًا بالنوبة.

يمكن البحث فيه حسب المؤلف أو العنوان ، ويوفر تنزيلًا مجانيًا لتنسيق PDF لهذه الكتب. أعمق الامتنان والدعم لهذا المشروع الرائع!

An impressive library about Nubia, Nubian history, language and culture - a real treasure of books and information collected and offered by "Dauti"

This wonderful website, presented by "Memory of the World" organization - that advocates universal access to information - and enriched by Dauti, a Nubian cooperating with the project, contains more than 350 books related to Nubia.

It is searchable according to the author or title, and offers free download of PDF format of these books. Deepest gratitude and support for this wonderful project!

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