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As part of the amazing Nubian Heritage, Nubian proverbs date back to the very ancient beginnings of Civilization and Nubian Language. The noble people who were living amidst a beautiful nature in Nubia at the border of the Nile river, which provided them with all they needed for a happy, peaceful and serene living, had plenty of time to reflect, create, dive into life's philosophy and wisdom to produce beautifully rhyming poems and proverbs.

Nubians have always attached great importance to the lessons they learnt from their Elders, and to transmit their knowledge and wisdom to the young generation. This care for their heritage has allowed Nubians to transmit their heritage and language for centuries even without written record, as writing in Nubian language occurred only during certain periods of history.

Proverbs are an easy but very efficient way to convey wisdom and advice to young people, as they are short and easy to memorize - even for young Nubians who didn't learn their native language, as many now live in towns or regions outside Nubia. Within a few words, proverbs are treasures containing the wealth of knowledge collected by wise people during centuries. We will be pleased to learn this precious advice...

Nubian Proverbs

Description and explanation of Nubian Proverbs

Three Proverbs elucidated by Dr. Mohammed Omar Taha, Professor in Nobiin Nubian Language

Nubian Proverbs and Wisdom explained and translated into Arabic by the great Nubian Poet Said Sirr Alkhetem

Rulings, proverbs and sayings of Nubian proverbs .. with the voice of the poet Said Sirr Alkhetem, the first episode - حكم وأمثال وأقوال مأثورة نوبية .. بصوت الشاعر سعيد سر الختم الحلقة الأولى :

The second episode ... Rulings, proverbs and sayings of Nubian proverbs translated by the Poet Said Sirr al-Khetem - الحلقة الثانية... حكم وأمثال وأقوال مأثورة نوبية مترجمة للشاعر سعيد سر الختم

The third episode: On the wisdom, proverbs and sayings of the Prophet, translated .. Poet Saeed Sirr Alkhetem - الحلقة الثالثة : فى حكم وأمثال وأقوال مأثورة نبوية مترجمة .. الشاعر سعيد سر الختم

Proverbs in Kenzi Nubian explained by Engineer Abdel Moneim Jalal

Proverbs in Kenzi Nubian by Engineer Abdel Moneim Jalal, Part 1 - امثال نوبي كنزيه للمهندس عبد المنعم جلال الجزء الاول

Proverbs in Kenzi Nubian Part Two (Engineer Abdel Moneim Jalal Karrar) - امثال نوبى كنزيه الجزء الثانى(للمهندس عبد المنعم جلال كرار)

Proverbs in Kenzi Nubian Part Three - امثال نوبي كنزيه الجزء الثالث

Proverbs in Kenzi Nubian, Part 4 - امثال نوبى كنزيه الجزء الرابع

Proverbs in Kenzi Nubian Part 5 - امثال نوبى كنزيه الجزء الخامس

Proverbs in Kenzi Nubian, sixth and last part - امثال نوبى كنزيه الجزء السادس والاخير

Interview about the Nubian Language and Proverbs with Dr. Mohammed Omar Taha


Glossary of the Nubian Proverbs - by Maher Habboub - معحم الامثال النوبية - ماهر حبوب

Mohammed Subhi describes Nubian Popular Proverbs and Short Stories (in Kenzi Nubian)

The world is strength or luck - الدنيا عافية ولا حظوظ

دموع المراة و دموع التماسيح - Woman's tears and crocodile tears

من يزرع الشعير لا يحصد القمح - He who grows barley does not harvest wheat

يا زارع في غير أرضك - O sower in a land that you do not own

اللي اختشو ماتو - Who embarrassed died

يومهم قريب - Their day is near

اللي عملوه محدش يعمله - Nobody does what he did

اعلمناهم الشحاتة سبقونا علي الأبواب- We taught them how to beg and they triumphed over us at the doors

أعمل الخير و أرميه البحر - Do good deeds and throw them into the sea

ابكي عشان أسامحك - Cry as much as you made me cry if you want me to forgive you

جرب عضة الثعبان - Try a snake bite

The fish spoils from its head - السمكة تفسد من رأسها

الأعمي مايشوفش القمر - The blind man does not watch the moon

هجر أمه وحدها / ولكن ماذا حدث ؟ - He left his mother alone / but what happened?

حكايات و أمثال شعبية بالنوبي - Folk tales and proverbs in Nubian

عايز أتكلم نوبي - I want to speak Nubian

حمار يغني - Donkey sings

حكاية دهب و التمساح - The story of Dahab and the crocodile -

حكاية الدميم والبنت الجميلة - The story of the ugly man and the beautiful girl

قصة الأعمي وصاحبه - The story of the blind man and his friend

حكاية ابن دهيبة و فافا - Story of Dihaba and Fafa