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Images of Old Nubia

Nubia, the Nile Valley between the first cataract of the Nile in the North (today's Aswan in Egypt) and the sixth cataract in today's Sudan has been inhabited since hundreds of thousands of years. It is there that the first human civilization arose; agriculture, domestication of animals, the first permanent human settlements, the gradual sophistication of tools and instruments, pottery, art, mechanics, medicine, even the precursors of writing all developed in this region.

Nubians were used to live at the border of the Nile river, that provided them with clean water, with fish, provided transport on ships, deposed fertile silt for their agriculture and mud for construction, and facilitated the growth of palm and fruit trees that gave Nubians the materials they needed for their daily life. Nubians lived a simple but happy life, cherishing and protecting the nature that gave them an independent livelihood.

Since the beginning of the last century however, under British occupation, the development and industrialization of Egypt urged it to construct successive dams on the Nile, at Aswan, to regulate the floods and produce electricity. In four successive increases of the dam's height Nubian villages were drowned under the waters of the reservoir and than Lake Nasser, displacing up to 100'000 Nubian families and causing 300'000 square kilometers of Nubian land to disappear. These old photos are the more a very dear memory to Nubians who were born there, and also an archive for young Nubians to better imagine the life of their ancestors. They are also a great inspiration for Nubian Artists, Painters, Poets and Writers.

Nubians were displaced to settlements in the desert, far from the Nile river or Lake Nasser, and not only lost their beautiful lands but also their way of life. What Nubians now nostalgically call "Old Nubia" are the memories of the villages, homes, communities, beautiful landscapes and peaceful happiness they are now longing for. While some of the most magnificent Nubian historic sites were displaced to higher grounds, Nubians still await their constitutionally granted right to return to the waterfronts of the Nile or Lake Nasser.

People - الناس

صور الناس وأنشطتهم واحتفالاتهم وعملهم ولعب الأطفال في الطبيعة الواسعة للنوبة القديمة ، حيث كان الجميع يبتسمون ...

Images of people and their activities, festivities, work, and playing children in the extensive nature of Old Nubia, where everybody was smiling...

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Old Nubia Villages - قرى النوبة القديمة

Villages were established at the shores of the Nile, surrounded with palm trees and fruit trees, agriculture, and the beautiful resting places and waterwheels. - أقيمت قرى على ضفاف النيل ، محاطة بأشجار النخيل وأشجار الفاكهة ، والزراعة ، والاستراحة الجميلة وسواقي المياه.

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Old Aswan - اسوان القديمة

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Old Halfa - الحلفا القديمة

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Old Nubian Houses - البيوت النوبية القديمة

The old Nubian homes were large, with a partially covered central courtyard surrounded by several spacious rooms, including guest rooms. They were built near the Nile River, surrounded by beautiful nature and palm trees, at a distance that guarantees privacy.

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Objects used in Old Nubia - الأشياء المستخدمة في النوبة القديمة

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Landscapes of Old Nubia - لمناظر الطبيعية في النوبة القديمة

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Displacement of around 120'000 Nubians from their native lands - تهجير حوالي 100 ألف نوبي من وطنهم

Due to the successive construction and heightening of dams in the Nile River in Aswan, much of the Nubian lands were flooded and many Nubian villages were drowned. The first dam, completed 1902, sacrificed 10 villages. After that Nubia lost 8 more villages after its first rise in 1912, a second rise in 1932 drowned 10 more villages. While the inhabitants of these villages rebuilt their homes on the high banks of the lake, the construction of the Aswan High Dam led to their drowning together with 44 additional villages, in both the Egyptian and Sudanese Nubian Nile Valley, and their inhabitants were relocated far away from the Nile, on the edge of the desert. While behind the dam, the waters of the Nile rose from a height of 106 to 188 meters, about 120'000 Nubians lost their homes, their lands and their way of life.

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Flooding and drowning of two thirds of the Northern Nubian Valley - غرق ثلثين وادي النوبة الجنوبي

After the completion of the Aswan Low Dam in 1902, and its successive heightening, the Aswan Reservoir inundated part of the lands of northern Nubia, including 28 villages. Its residents rebuilt their homes on higher ground, but after the High Dam was completed, they also drowned, along with 44 other villages and around 2 million palm trees, being drowned by Lake Nasser, one of the largest man-made lakes on Earth with an area of ​​5,250 square kilometers and a length of 550 km. The Nubian population has been displaced to desert landscapes far from the Nile and without work opportunities, deprived of their lifestyle based on agriculture and fishing. An estimated 70'000 Nubians were displaced in the northern Nubian Valley (southern Egypt), and 50,000 in southern Nubia (northern Sudan).

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Relocation of the 120'000 displaced Nubians whose motherland and villages have been drowned due to the Aswan High Dam - تهجير و اسكان جديدة ل120000 نوبيين الذين غرق وطنهم الأم وقراهم بسبب السد العالي بأسوان

The massive displacement of Nubians from their villages to new locations - far from the Nile river that was the backbone of their life and living, into crammed, small and insalubre housing resembling military barracks in a desert environment, with many houses never completed or crumbling even before they were inhabited, as they were constructed on unstable ground. Nubians were self-sufficient communities living from agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing; they were distributing their products among them, not used to trade and the use of money. Although they had been promised services like running water, electricity, fridges, communal halls, education and health services, Nubians arriving to their relocation villages didn't find any of these services, nor arable land and stables for their animals. Drinking polluted water from a single well, and due to the unhealthy living conditions and spreading diseases, around 1500 small children and hundreds of elder people died. In Southern Nubia, the 50'000 displaced Nubians from Wadi Halfa and surrounding drowned villages were resettled in "New Halfa". It was surrounded with arable land, but far from the Nile and 1260 km far from their town of origin, in a desertic region as well.

(اضغط على صورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل مع التعليق) - (click on an image to see it full-size and with comment)

Videos about Old Nubia and the displacement of the Nubians - فيديوهات عن النوبة القديمة وتهجير النوبيين

النوبة صدق او لا تصدق النوبة المصرية عام 1930

Nubia believed it or not, the Egyptian Nubia in 1930

ذكرة النوبة ذكرة النوبة

ٌRemembering Nubia - from the beautiful website Dhikrat Al Noba (Remembering Nubia)

لنوبه القديمه - صفخة النوبة

Old Nubia - Nubiapage

صور تذكارية من النوبة القديمة

Souvenir photos from ancient Nubia

رائعة الفنان الراحل خضر العطار اسمي هناااك

Wonderful late artist Khader Al-Attar, "Ismy Hunak, balady hunak" (my name, my country is there)

noba 2007سيد ابراهيم

The great Artist Seid Ibrahim Qurty sings "Nuba" 2007

- وه نوبية - اغنية كنزية بالطمبور - من التراث النوبى

- Wah Woo Nubi - A Kenzi song accompanied by Tambour - from Nubian heritage

تراث نوبى بالدف شاهد واستمتع مع صوت النوبه

Nubian heritage in tambourine, watch and enjoy with the sound of the Nuba

النوبة - الجنة المفقودة

Nubia - The lost paradise - Music and song by the famous late Nubian artist Hamza Ala' Eldin

تهجير بلاد النوبة القصة الكاملة ترويها أغنية البلابل الرائعة بابور كوسونا

The fabulous Poet and Artist Dr. Mustafa Abdelqader's wonderful song "Babur Kusuna", sung by the famous three sisters "Al Balabil", with Arabic and English translations and information about Nubian history and displacement

أوكا نوبين "(نحن نوبيين) - غناها بالكنزي النوبي للفنان العظيم المحروم خضر العطار.

"Ukka Nobiin" (We are Nubians) - Sung in Kenzi Nubian by the great regretted Artist Khidhir El-Attar

صور النوبة القديمة - بواسطة قناة الأنغام النوبية

Images of Old Nubia - by the Nubian Melodies Channel

ألبوم صور من النوبة القديمة على اغنية الفنان الكبير الراحل سيد جاير - دهب المجرابي

Photo album of Old Nubia, on a song of the late great Artist Seid Gayer - Dahab Al Magrabi

يوم الارض - ذكرى سنوية غرق وادي حلفا - اغنية اشيدو للشاعر اللامع الدكتور مصطفى عبد القادر غناء الفنان الكبير غازي سعيد.

ُEarth Day - Yearly remembrance of the drowning of Wadi Halfa - Song "Eshedo" by the brilliant poet Dr. Mustafa Abdelqader, sung by the great Artist Ghazi Said

ابو علاء فرح المصري واجمل ماتغني اركونو ياناس جلسه جميله

ُArtist Abu Alaa Farah Al-Masry sings his beautiful song "Arkuno Yanas"

الفنان الراحل خضر العطار يغني 'أرجونا شي.

ُThe late famous Artist Khidhir El-Attar sings "Arguna Shey"

الفنان -عصام سليمان (اللهي ياربي) تراث نوبي واضافه كوبليهات وتوزيع موسيقي كرم وبكو

ُArtist Assam Suleiman sings "Allah, my God"", a Nubian heritage song

الشاعر والفنان الرائع مكي علي إدريس يغني للنوبة القديمة

ُThe wonderful poet and artist Mekki Ali Idris sings for Old Nubia

النوبه بجدنوسنيا الفنان سيد ابراهيم اغانى نوبيه

ُThe brilliant artist, musician and composer Seid Ibrahim Qurty sings and plays "Nuba Bijdinosania"

نوبا - الحنين لوادي حلفا😍 - عزف وغناء الرائع عاصم ختام

ُNuba - Nostalgia for Wadi Halfa - The great performance and vocals of Assem Khatam

بابور كسنا - عاصم خطام

ُThe creative artist and musician Assem Khitam sings "Babour Kusuna"

(كوري يونيغا) سيد ابراهيم

The outstanding Artist Seid Ibrahim Qurty sings, plays, and composed "Kore Younniga", a poem of the great regretted Poet Tareq Salah Eldin

مرارات إغراق حلفا تتجدد جيلا بعد جيل

ُThe bitterness of the drowning of Halfa is renewed generation after generation - Artistic gathering

صور نوبية - الجمعية نوب التراث النوبي و التنمية بالاسكندرية

Nubian Pictures - Nub Association for Nubian Heritage and Development in Alexandria

الفنان سيد ابراهيم واحدث اغانى 2012

The great Artist Seid Ibrahim Qurty sings and plays a song of nostalgia for the drowned villages of Old Nubia

الفنان المبدع والموسيقي عاصم ختام يغني ويعزف أغنية للنوبة القديمة

The creative artist and musician Assem Khitam sings and plays a song for Old Nubia

النوبه بجدنوسنيا الفنان سيد ابراهيم اغانى نوبيه

The great Artist Seid Ibrahim Qurty sings and plays a song of love and nostalgia for Old Nubia

الفنان الرائع والموسيقي والملحن سيد ابراهيم قرتي يقرأ قصيدة ويغني "Afyalogo woo fentitod" (وداعا لأشجار النخيل).

The brilliant artist, musician and composer Seid Ibrahim Qurty recites a poem and sings "Afyalogo woo fentitod" (good bye palm trees)

الشاعر عز الدين ابو زيد | ويه ووه نوبه

The brilliant Poet Ezz El-Din Abu Zaid recites his poem "Wei Wooh Nuba"

الشاعر الرائع حلمي أبو زيد يتلو قصيدته المليئة بالاحساس في ذكرى تهجير النوبيين من وطنهم

The wonderful Poet Hilmi Abu Zaid recites his emotion-laden poem for the commemoration of the displacement of the Nubians from their motherland

سعيد سرالختم - نصيحة .

The great Poet Seid Sirr El-Khetem recites his poem "Nasiha" (Advice)

قصيدة "نوبة شورتو نمنين" للفنان بركات حداد تلاها شوقي برون

Poem "Nuba Shortu Nimmenin" by Artist Barakat Haddad recited by Shawqy Brun

كورقي انج نلوي قصيدة نوبية للشاعر عبداللطيف سيد

A Nubian poem recited by the great poet Abd al-Latif Sayed

عبداللطيف سيد احمد في قصيدة نوبية . كورقي انج نلوي

The great poet Abdul Latif Sayed Ahmed recites a Nubian poem

الشاعر عبد اللطيف سيد احمد - يساجل الشاعر جلال عمر بقصيدة (كنه اروتود)

A Nubian poem by the great Poet Abdul Latif Sayed Ahmed

صور حزينة لطرد النوبيين من وطنهم ومحنتهم ...

Sad images of the eviction of the Nubians from their homeland, and their distress...

جولة في جزيرة فيله - اسوان ومياه الفيضان تحاصرها 1966

A tour of Philae Island - Aswan and the flood waters besieged in 1966

النوبه تاريخ وامجاد

Nubia history and glories

«النوبة».. أصل الحكاية

"Nubia" .. the origin of the story

فيلم حلفا: جدلية الحنين والاندماج

Halfa Film: The Dialectics of Nostalgia and Integration

ذكريات النوبة القديمة مع الشيخ حامد ادام الله في عمره وجزاه الله خير

Memories of the old Nubia with Sheikh Hamed, God bless him in his life, and may God reward him well

امجد صابر - الحلم النوبي - لقطات من كبرناتي

Amjad Saber - The Nubian Dream - Screenshots from Kabernaty