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Like the other forms of Nubian art, the Nubian language has its roots in the ancient population of the Nile River spanning from Aswan in today's Egypt to Khartoum in Sudan. In fact, the Nubian language is a form of art, due to its melodious intonation that easily translates into poesy and songs. With its first written traces in the temple of Abu Simbel built in the 12th century B.C., the Old Nubian language alternated between periods in which it was written - as in ancient Meroitinc inscriptions in today's Northern Sudan - and periods in which the language was passed on orally. Recently, efforts from Nubian scholars brought the language back to a structured form written in the Nubian alphabet, derived from Greek and Coptic letters with some letters adapted to the specific sounds in Nubian. Extensive efforts are done to revive Nobiin and Kenzi, both derived from Old Nubian, by teaching the language to the young generation and Nubians whose parents were displaced from their villages of origin due to the construction of consecutive dams and the formation of Lake Nasser, that drowned a large portion of Nubian lands.

A short history of the Nubian Language

According to stone tools evidence found by archaeologists, the Nile Valley between the 1st and the 6th cataracts (between today's town of Aswan in Southern Egypt and Omdurman in Sudan, north of the capital Khartoum) was inhabited since at least half a million years, probably since much longer - up to 2 million years ago. As the region was very fertile during this whole period, and quite protected and isolated through the cataracts, it served as an ideal cradle for the development of civilization, and thus the Nubian language in its millennia-long evolution is one of the oldest permanently spoken languages in the World. Furthermore, the self-reliant, sociable and traditionalist nature of the Nubian population lets imagine that the roots of the Nubian language were developed since prehistoric times, although due to the absence of writing it can't be proven by scientists.The Nubian language, a direct descendent from Omotic - which is considered by linguists to be the root language, is part of the Afro-Asiatic, Nilo-Saharan language group, and linguists date it back to at least the 9th to 6th millennium B.C. Some scientists even believe it was the first structured language in the World. While the word "Adam" in most languages stand for a name, in Nubian "adam" means "human being". And the name "Eva" is presumed to have been derived from "ouwo", which means "two" in Nubian. The very limited influence of languages that passed the region due to conquests, administrative shifts as well as commercial and religious influences also reinforces the assumption that the Nubians preserved and protected their language since very ancient times. While Old Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions in Nubia predate the Meroitic writing, starting in the 8th century B.C., during the Kushite Meroitic Kingdom, many inscriptions in Meroitic - first written in hieroglyphics, later in Egyptian demotic script and finally in its own alphabet of 24 letters derived from Demotic appeared. The Meroitic texts refer mainly to funerary, administrative and royal writings; however, up to this day the Meroitic writing hasn't been fully deciphered, therefore we have only a basic knowledge of this language. Due to the close ties with Egypt, the Meroitic ruling elite was bilingual Meroitic and Egyptian. While some scholars doubt that Meroitic was the precursor of Old Nubian, others - like F.L. Griffiths - assume that Meroitic was related to Nubian, and possibly both variations of the language may have been spoken simultaneously, Meroitic being the language of the elite and administration while Nubian was the commonly spoken language.

There is evidence that In Southern Nubia, South of the 1st cataract, people were speaking a language different from Old Egyptian. Translators were present with the Egyptian rulers to connect with the local populations; also, some place names and surnames were Nubian, and inscriptions in the northern and southern sides of the door frame of the famous temple of Abu Simbel, built by Pharaoh Ramses II in 1244 B.C., refer to the North and the South in Nubian.

Archaeologists have found many inscriptions in Old Nubian from the Christian period since around AD 600, including a Bible - which was translated from Greek into Nubian - and many scrolls from Qasr Ibrim. After the Arabic conquest, the introduction of Islam and the fall of the Nubian kingdoms in the 13th and 14th century AD, writing of the Nubian language disappeared However, oral transfer of the language - and the relatively isolated location - helped preserve the Nubian language which continued to be spoken and taught throughout Nubia. However, the greatest challenge to the preservation of the language came after the repeated displacement of the Nubian population in Southern Egypt, due to the construction of successive dams and the submersion of large parts of Nubian lands under Lake Nasser (Lake Nubia). While some of the Nubians whose villages were flooded were relocated in a remote Arabic-speaking region east of Kom Ombo, many went to the cities in Egypt or traveled abroad in the search for work and for a living. In these environments, into which the Nubians had to struggle to adapt, the language faded very fast and many young Nubians today don't know their language of origin.

Thanks to huge efforts by Nubian scholars to revive the Nubian language and to teach it to the new generations, and the eagerness of researchers of Nubian heritage to present their art and traditions to a larger public, Nubian experiences a resurge in interest and was saved from oblivion. We encourage all Nubians and friends of Nubian Art to promote the conservation of this wonderful melodious language.

International efforts for the preservation of the Nubian Language

مبادرة اليونسكو: عقد للغات الشعوب الأصلية (2022-2032) لتعزيز والاعتراف الرسمي والتعليم وحقوق الإنسان للمتحدثين بلغات الشعوب الأصلية كجزء من التراث الثقافي

ٍ UNESCO initiative: Decade for Indigenous Languages (2022 - 2032) for the promotion, official recognition, teaching and human rights of the speakers of indigenous languages as part of cultural heritage

التوقيع على العريضة من النوبيين وأصدقائهم إلى اليونسكو على المستوى الدولي يوم اللغة الأم لإنقاذ اللغة النوبية من التعريب والتطهير الثقافي

ٍ Sign the petition from the Nubians and their friends to UNESCO on the International Mother Language Day to save Nubian Language from Arabization and cultural cleansing

Nubian language lessons being given in Cairo

سنبدأ بإذن الله أولى محاضرتنا يوم الأربعاء ٣ مارس.. نرجوا المبادرة لان العدد محدود. كورس تعليم اللغة النوبية - في 15 شارع عبدالعزيز جاويش بعابدين - الاربعاء 3 مارس الساعة 5 مساء - للحجز الاطصال ب: 01119495721 / 01118686926

God willing, we will start our first lecture on Wednesday, March 3 ... We hope for the initiative, because the number is limited. Nubian language course - at 15 Abdel Aziz Jawish Street in Abdeen, Cairo - Wednesday 3 March at 5 pm - for reservations, contact: 01119495721/01118686926

لقطات من مركز أيوان حيث الدورة المكثفه لتعليم اللغه النوبيه والتى يتفضل فيها الاستاذ الفاضل / فتحى جاير بتدريس اهم القواعد والمبادئ وذلك بالتعاون مع الاعلامى الاستاذ الفاضل / شريف يحى وفى وجود نخبة من المهتمين باللغه حيث أبدي الكثير سعادتهم من تلك الدوره المنعقده خلال هذا الاسبوع على مدار كل الايام من الخامسه مساءً .

Screenshots from Iwan Center, where the intensive course for teaching the Nubian language, in which the Honorable Professor / Fathy Jayer, kindly teaches the most important rules and principles, in cooperation with the media, Honorable Professor / Sherif Yahya, and in the presence of an elite group of those interested in the language, where many expressed their happiness from that session held during this week over the course of All days from five in the evening.

Nubia is Civilization and History - Video about the Nubian language (in Arabic) from the Center for Nubian Studies and Documentation Cairo

فيديو عن اللغة النوبية من المركز الدراسات النوبية و التوثيق - النوبة حضارة وتاريخ

Nubian Language Resources

استمتع بالاستماع إلى الأغاني أو القصائد النوبية المكتوبة بشق الأنفس مع الأغاني النوبية - وأحيانا الترجمات - للدكتور حسن نور.

Enjoy listening to Nubian songs or poems painstakingly written with Nubian Lyrics - and sometimes translations - By Dr. Hassan Nour

Learn the Basics of the Nubian Language...

Learn the alphabet and the essentials of the Nubian Language the easy way

ND101 (1 of 5) تعليم اللغة النوبية : نطق الحروف

ND101 (1 of 5) Nubian Language Teaching - Pronunciation of Letters

ND101 (2 of 5) تعليم اللغة النوبية - نطق الكلمات

ND101 (2 of 5) Nubian Language Teaching - Pronunciation of Words

ND101 (3 of 5) تعليم اللغة النوبية - الضمائر

ND101 (3 of 5) Teaching Nubian Language - Pronouns

ND101 (4 of 5) تعليم اللغة النوبية - أسماء الإشارة

ND101 (4 of 5) Nubian Language Teaching - Signal Names

ND101 (5 of 5) تعليم اللغة النوبية - أدوات الإستفهام

ND101 (5 of 5) Teaching the Nubian Language - Interrogative Tools

ND102 تعليم اللغة النوبية - حكم وأمثال نوبية

ND102 Teaching Nubian Language - Nubian Proverbs

Learn the Nubian language on the move...

Fun and intuitive "Nubi" Nubian Language learning application for Android

شفاف | "نوبي" تطبيق جديد لتعليم اللغة النوبية

"NUBI" .. a fun application to learn the Nubian language

يوم جديد -نوبي.. تطبيق إلكتروني لحفظ اللغة النوبية

TV program "Youm Gedid" - "NUBI" .. an electronic application to learn and save the Nubian language

Books about the Nubian Language

As part of a recent effort by Nubian scholars to revive the Nubian language, which was threatened with extinction, several books about the language or teaching it were written.

Nubian Language

The Nubian Language - اللغة النوبية

Late Professor Mohammed Metwelly Badr is considered to be the pioneer of the Nubian language. Born in Nubia in Northern Sudan, he studied in Egypt and worked for the Ministry of Education in Aswan. In 1955 he published his first book, "The Nubian Language", containing a short history of Nubia, Grammar of the Nubian language and a short dictionary. Here you can download it

المرحوم البروفيسور متولي بدر - "اللغة النوبية

Read the Nubian Language

Basic Nubian Language and Grammar - اللغة النوبية الأساسية وقواعدها

Professor Mohamed Metwally Badr also wrote a book entitled "The Rulings and Proverbs of Nubia". While he worked on a larger Nubian - Arabic dictionary that was to contain more than 12000 words, he published his book "Read the Nubian Language" in 1976. He also wrote children's books, books about childrens' education and short stories, but didn't have the financial means to publish all his writings. His book "Read in the Nubian Language" download the PDF file

المرحوم البروفيسور متولي بدر - "اقرا باللغة النوبية

Learn the Nubian Language

Learn the Nubian Language - Alphabet and Grammar - تعلم اللغة النوبية - الأبجدية والقواعد

The book "Learn the Nubian Language" teaches the Nubian alphabet and grammar. Originally written by Prof. Mukhtar Khalil Kabbara, with cooperation of a team of 12 Nubian linguists from all regions of Nubia and the two main branches of the Nubian language, the book has been published by the Center for Nubian Studies and Documentation in Egypt and Sudan (second edition). You can download the executable (.exe) file

ﻛﺘﺎﺏ ﺗﻌﻠﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻐﺔ ﺍﻟﻨﻮﺑﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﺼﺎﺩﺭ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺮﻛﺰ ﺍﻟﺪﺭﺍﺳﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻨﻮﺑﻴﺔ ﻭ التوثيق

Koma Waidy

Koma Waidi Dictionary - فاموس كوما وايدي

Hafsa Ambrek and a group of young volunteers created a dictionary of 230 rare Nubian words, translated into English and Spanish, after they researched the Nubian villages of Southern Egypt and interviewed aged people who had still learnt the language in Old Nubia, before it was drowned by Lake Nasser. This remarkable initiative contributing to salvage the Nubian language will hopefully inspire more similar initiatives. You can contact the authors on their facebook page

ابتكرت حفصة أمبرك ومجموعة من المتطوعين الشباب قاموسًا يضم 230 كلمة نوبية نادرة - "كوما وايدي

How to write the Nubian Languae

How to write the Nubian language? - اللغة النوبية كيف تكتبها؟

Late Professor Mukhtar Mohammed Mukhtar Khalil Kabbara, born 20 July 1952 in Abu Simbel, was a lover of the Nubian language which he learnt from his mother. After his childhood in Old Nubia, he studied archaeology in Cairo and obtained a PhD in Egyptology in Germany. He returned to Nubia and completed the work of his life, devising an alphabet based on Old Nubian and a way to write the Nubian langue. Although he sadly didn't see the publication of his book, we all owe it to his passionate researcher to be able to write in Nubian. His book "The Nubian Language and How to Write It" can be downloaded here.

المرحوم الأستاذ مختار محمد مختار خليل كبارة - "اللغة النوبية - كيف تكتبها؟

Nubian Language Dictionary

Nubian Language Dictionary (Mahas - Fadija) - NEW EDITION -طبعة جديدة - معجم اللغة النوبية محس-فاديجا

Prof. Mekki Ali Idris - Khalil Eissa Khalil - Nubian - Arabic Dictionary (Fadijja - Mahas) Based on the huge effort of Professor Mhammed Mutwelly Badr's manuscript of about 10'000 words, the Nubian - Arabic Dictionary is arranged according to the Nubian alphabet, contains about 18'000 words on 700 pages. Can be ordered with Poet Ezz Eldin Abuzeid, e-mail:, tel. (+20) 01010129500

الأستاذ مكي علي إدريس - خليل عيسى خليل - قاموس نوبي - عربي (فاديجة - محاس) بناء على الجهد الهائل لمخطوطة الأستاذ محمد متولي بدر المكونة من حوالي 10 آلاف كلمة ، تم ترتيب القاموس النوبي العربي حسب الأبجدية النوبية ، يحتوي على حوالي 18000 كلمة في 700 صفحة. يمكن الطلب من الشاعر عز الدين أبوزيد ، البريد الإلكتروني:، tel. (+20) 01010129500

Write and Read the Nubian Language

Write and Read the Nubian Language - اطتب واقرا اللغة النوبية

The Nubian Scholar Abdel Al Ahmed Himmet wrote the book "Write and Read in the Nubian Language", in which he describes the methods of writing in the Nubian language (Fadiga and Kenzi branches) and their grammatical rules, numbers, wisdom, proverbs and terminology, as well as maps and pictures of Nubia. You can reach him on his facebook page

الباحث النوبي عبد الأحمد حميت - "اكتب واقرا اللغة النوبية

Non-Nubian Books about the Nubian Language

Since the discovery of many inscriptions and documents written in Meroitic and Old Nubian, the interest of Linguists, Nubiologists, Egyptologists and Orientalists in the Nubian language increased.


The Meroitic Language and Writing System

Authors: Claude Rilly, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) - Paris, and Alex de Voogt, Museum of Natural History, New York. - Find PDF here

نظام اللغة والكتابة المرَّوية

ٍBasic Nubian

Basic Nubian Language and Grammar

After graduating from Coppin State, the author Taharqa Sa Amun spent time researching Nubia's history and language and now a Nubianist.

اللغة النوبية الأساسية والقواعد

Kuniz Grammar

A Reference Grammar of Kunuz Nubian

Ahmed Sokarno Abdel Hafiz wrote this igrammar of Kunuz Nubian, the first grammar ever written on this language. Find PDF here

كتب أحمد سوكارنو عبد الحفيظ هذا الإبهام لقواعد كنوز النوبية ، وهي أول قواعد لغة تتم كتابتها بهذه اللغة.

Old Nubian

The Old Nubian Language

Eugenia Smagina first published her grammar of the Old Nubian language in 1986 in Russian. This translated The grammar is divided into sections on script, lexicon, morphology, and syntax

قواعد اللغة النوبية القديمة

Nubian Language

Nubian (Nobiin) Language and Grammar

خليل قاسم كاتب "الشمندورة" المظلوم حيا وميتا.

By Nuraddin Abdulmannan - This is a simplified language and grammar book intended for English readers who are interested in learning Nobiin language

Grammar of Old Nubian

Grammar of Old Nubian

By Gerald M. Browne, Professor of the Classics and Linguistics at the University of Illinois. The direct ancestor of the Nubian still spoken in that area, it is the only indigenous African language whose development we can follow for over a millennium. Find PDF here

قواعد النوبة القديمة. السلف النوبي المباشر لا يزال يتحدث في هذا المجال ، وهي اللغة الأفريقية الأصلية الوحيدة التي يمكننا متابعة تطورها لأكثر من ألف عام.

Nubians and the Nubian Language

Nubians and the Nubian Language in Contemporary Egypt

Rouchdy Aleya analyses the impact of the displacement of Nubians. After the resettlement of Nubians, the interactions between speakers of the two Nubian dialects and speakers of Arabic increased.

النوبيين واللغة النوبية في مصر المعاصرة: حالة من الاتصال الثقافي واللغوي

Reference Grammar of Old Nubian

NEW 2021 - A Reference Grammar of Old Nubian

Dr. Vincent W.J. Van Gerven Oei, A Reference Grammar of Old Nubian; Old Nubian syntax, topic/focus constructions, subordination and coordination, verbal morphology including person, aspect, tense, pluractionality, affirmation, and negation, nominal morphology, derivation, and phonology.

دبليو جيه فان جيرفن أوي ، قواعد نحوية مرجعية للنوبيين القدامىت.

Texts in Old Nubian

Old Nubian Textual Criticism

النصوص النوبية القديمة من قصر إبريم

By Gerald M. Browne - Old Nubian texts from Qasr Ibrim and others (order at

Qasr Ibrim texts

The Bishop, The Eparch, and The King: Old Nubian texts from Qasr Ibrim

By Giovanni Ruffini, sixty-two Old Nubian documents from Qasr Ibrim, illustrating social and economic life of the Middle Nile Valley in the 12th–14th century.

وثائق نوبية قديمة من قصر إبريم

Old Nubian Texts

Literary Texts in Old Nubian

Gerald M. Browne - Old Nubian Texts with grammatical commentary and Old Nubian-English Glossary - order at

نصوص أدبية بالنوبة القديمة

Studies in Old Nubian

Studies in Old Nubian

Studies of Old Nubian grammar, verbal system, plural, relative clauses - order at

دراسات قواعد اللغة النوبية القديمة ، الجملة اللفظية ، الجمع ، الجمل النسبية

Nubische Grammatik

Nubische Grammatik (Nubian Grammar)

اقواعد اللغة النوبية (باللغة الألمانية)

By Richard Lepsius - Nubian Grammar (in German language) with an introduction about the peoples and languages of Africa. This book is a reproduction of an important historical work.

La Nubie

La Nubie et les origines de la langue mère unique

By M'Pienikoua Boni Marcus Teiga (in French), who tries to prove that all languages we speak today derive from an ancient first African language, the Nara, by comparing words with many World languages.

النوبة وأصول اللغة الأم العازبة

Old Nubian Dictionary

Old Nubian Dictionary

Gerald M. Browne - There are three indexes, the first giving the English correspondences with Old Nubian, as presented in the dictionary, the second and third indexes doing the same for Greek and Coptic, respectively. Find PDF here

القاموس النوبي القديم

Studies in Old Nubian

Nubisches Wörterverzeichnis (Nubian-German Dictionary)

Inge Hoffmann wrote this German-Nubian (Kenzi) and Nubian-German dictionary, mainly based on information dating from the last centuries.

القاموس النوبي (كنزي) -الألماني

Dongolese Nubian - English dictionary

Dongolese Nubian - English - Dongolese Dictionary

القاموس النوبي الدنقلاوي (انداندي) - انجليزي - نوبي

By Charles H. Armbruster, Dongolese Nubian - English - Nubian dictionary. This 1965 book is the result of years of close observation and analysis of the Dongolese conversations in which the author took part, or to which he attended; it is a monumental and authoritative work. Find PDF here

Dongolese Nubian - A grammar

By Charles H. Armbruster, Dongolese Nubian - A grammar. Find PDF here

قواعد اللغة النوبية الدنجولاوية

Introduction to Old Nubian

Introduction to Old Nubian

By Gerald M. Browne, Introduction to Old Nubian - Meroitica, Schriften zur altsudanesischen Geschichte und Archäologie 11. Akademie Verlag, Berlin, 1989 Find PDF here

مقدمة في اللغة النوبية القديمة

Grammatik des Nobiin

Grammatik des Nobiin (Grammar of Nobiin - in German)

Roland Werner - Grammatik des Nobiin, Verlag: Helmut Buske, Hamburg, 1987 - Grammar of Nobiin in German language and latin script. Find PDF here

قواعد النوبيين

Seminars and Discussions about the Nubian Language

Listen to presentations and discussions about the Nubian language by Nubian scholars

استخدام اللغة النوبية كشفرة في حرب اكتوبر

The use of the Nubian language - By Prof. Mohammed Suleiman Jadukab

كلمه الاستاذ محمد سليمان جدوكاب حول كتابه اللغه النوبية بالحرف العربى بجمعيه ابريم

A speech by Professor Muhammad Suleiman Gedokab on his book the Nubian language in Arabic script at the Ibrim Association

الشاعر النوبي/ محمد سليمان جدوكاب / تدشين صالون أدندان الثقافي / السبت 18/11/2017

Nubian poet / Muhammad Suleiman Jadokab / Inauguration of Adandan Cultural Salon / Saturday 11/11/2017

الباحث - محمد عمر طه ضيفي - ندوة اللغة انوبية بساقية الصاوي - السبت 14/10/2017

Dr. Mohammed Omar Taha, professor of the Nubian language, speaks about the origins and specificities of the Nubian language

حلقة مع الدكتور محمد عمر طه عن اللغة النوبية و خصائصها فى برنامج يوم جديد قناة

An episode with Dr. Muhammad Omar Taha on the Nubian language and its characteristics in the New Day channel program

أمسية ثقافية / لآلئٌ نوبيةٌ / الشاعر والباحث / محمد عمر طه / الجزء الثاني / الخميس 27/12/2018

Cultural evening / Nubian pearls / poet and scholar / Mohamed Omar Taha / second part / Thursday 27/12/2018

الشاعر والباحث/ محمد عمر طه / تدشين صالون أدندان الثقافي / السبت 18/11/2017

Poet and researcher / Muhammad Omar Taha / Inauguration of Adandan Cultural Salon / Saturday 18/11/2017

أمسية ثقافية / لآلئٌ نوبيةٌ / الشاعر والباحث / محمد عمر طه / الجزء الأول / الخميس 27/12/2018

Cultural evening / Nubian Pearls / Poet and Scholar / Mohamed Omar Taha / first part / Thursday 27/12/2018

كلمه الاستاذ حسين كباره حول كتابه اللغه النوبية بالحرف العربي

Professor Hussein Kabbara's speech on the Nubian language book, in Arabic script

الدكتور / مصطفى عبد القادر / الجزء الأول/ تدشين صالون أدندان الثقافي / السبت 18/11/2017

Dr. Mustafa Abdel Qader / Part One / Inauguration of Adandan Cultural Salon / Saturday 11/18/2017

الدكتور / مصطفى عبد القادر / الجزء الثاني/ تدشين صالون أدندان الثقافي / السبت 18/11/2017

Dr. Mustafa Abdel Qader / PartTwo / Inauguration of Adandan Cultural Salon / Saturday 11/18/2017

الدكتور / مصطفى عبد القادر / الجزء الأول/ تدشين صالون أدندان الثقافي / السبت 18/11/2017

Dr. Mustafa Abdel Qader / Part One / Inauguration of Adandan Cultural Salon / Saturday 11/18/2017

د/مصطفى محمد عبد القادر/رئيس جمعية التراث النوبي/ج 2/ندوة كوما وايدى/الثلاثاء3/3/2020

Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Abdel Qader, President of the Nubian Heritage Association - C2 - Koma Wade Symposium - Tuesday 3/3/2020

الدكتور/ مصطفى محمد عبد القادر/الجزء6 / ندوة صالون أدندان الثقافي/ الأحد 22/7/2018

Dr. Mustafa Muhammad Abdel Qader explains the regional division of the Kenzi (or Andandi) Nubian language at the Symposium of the Adandan Cultural Salon, Sunday 22/7/2018

الدكتور/ مصطفى محمد عبد القادر/الجزء 4 / ندوة صالون أدندان الثقافي/ الأحد 22/7/2018

Dr. Mustafa Muhammad Abdel Qader, Part 4, Symposium of the Adandan Cultural Salon, Sunday 22/7/2018

لقاء مع المؤرخ النوبي الدكتور/مصطفي عبد القادر ابن ادندان. الجزء الاول.

Dr. Mustafa Muhammad Abdel Qader speaks about the Nubian language at a seminar of Nubian scholars

الهرم النوبي /مكي علي إدريس الحلقة الأولي - من صالون الدكتور/فرج الله يوسف

The Researcher Prof. Mekki Ali Idris speaks about the Nubian Language at the cultural salon of Dr. Farag Allah Youssef

الباحث النوبى الأستاذ/ مكى على إدريس

The researcher, linguist, poet and artist Prof. Mekki Ali Idris speaks about the importance of preserving one's language and heritage

قناة أنانوبي من داخل جمعية أبوسمبل والسلطان /هشام باطا ولقاء خاص عن اللغة النوبية(2)

Interview with the Nubian Artists Hisham Bata and Dr. Nasser Haj, historian and researcher in Nubian language and heritage, about the importance of the Nubian language, at the Abu Simbel Society, by Ananubi Channel (2)

الفنان / أحمد اسماعيل/ندوة صالون أدندان/حوار حول اللغة والأغنية فى التراث النوبي/22/7/2018

Artist Ahmed Ismail / Adandan Salon Symposium / Dialogue on Language and Song in Nubian Heritage / 7/22/2018

دقيقة | تقرير عن اللغة النوبية .. وكيف تم استخدامها فى حرب اكتوبر لتضليل العدو ؟

TV program "Minutes" - A report on the Nubian language ... and how was it used in the October War to mislead the enemy?

اعرف معاني أسماء قرى النوبه مع م.محمد صلاح ببرنامج كنوز نوبيه

Know the meanings of the names of the Nubian villages with Eng. Mohamed Salah on the program "Kenzi Nubians"

مساء dmc - محمد صبحي " معلم لغة نوبية " .. يعلم أطفال النوبة اللغة النوبية حفاظاً على الهوية النوبية

Pm dmc - Muhammad Subhi, “Nubian Language Teacher” .. Nubian children learn the Nubian language in order to preserve Nubian identity

عن أقدم اللغات الشفاهية حتى اليوم: "اللغة النوبية​ "

The oldest laguage transmitted orally, and in periods by writing, to this day, the Nubian language

يوضح أمادو ، وهو خريج في الترجمة ومحاضر في اللغة الإنجليزية ، أن اللغة النوبية هي لغة مستقلة لها قواعدها الخاصة وقواعدها ومفرداتها ، مقسمة إلى فرعين رئيسيين - كنزي (أو ماتوكي أو أنداندي دونجولاوي ، يتم التحدث بها باللغة السفلى. النوبة - منطقة أسوان في مصر وحول دنقلا في النوبة العليا / السودان) ، ونوبين - فاديجة (تحدث في جنوب مصر - منطقة أبو سمبل ومناطق حلفا والمحاس في شمال السودان). اللغة النوبية ليست لهجة كما يعتقد الكثير من الناس.

Amado, a graduate in translation and lecturer of the English language, explains that the Nubian language is an independent language with its own rules, grammar and vocabulary, divided into two main branches - the Kenzi (or Matokki or Andandi-Dongolawi, spoken in Lower Nubia - Aswan region in Egypt and around Dongola in Upper Nubia / Sudan), and Nobiin - Fadijja (spoken in Southern Egypt - Abu Simbel region and the regions of Halfa and Mahas in Northern Sudan). The Nubian language is not a dialect as many people think.

كيف تقرأ النوبي القديم؟ محاضرة يلقيها دبليو جيه فان جيرفن أوي في IFAO ( - المعهد الفرنسي للآثار الشرقية) في القاهرة ، يوم الأربعاء 4 سبتمبر 2019

How to read Old Nubian? Lecture by W.J. Van Gerven Oei at the IFAO (Institut Français d'archéologie orientale - French Institute of Oriental Archaeology) in Cairo, on Wednesday 4 September 2019.

طفل نوبي يكشف بعض أسرار اللغة النوبية ❤ Nubian child reveals some secrets of Nubian language

NEW: Nubian Language Course (Fadija - Kenzi)

Learn the Nubian Language (Fadija and Kenzi) in Cairo

Lessons in Nubian Language you can learn online

Learn the Nubian Letters and Language with these online lessons

Nubian Lessons by Dr. Mohammed Omar Taha, Professor in Nobiin Nubian Language

دورة اللغة النوبية في مركز إركي نوبة 1

دورة اللغة النوبية في مركز إركي نوبة 2

دورة اللغة النوبية في مركز إركي نوبة 3

دورة اللغة النوبية في مركز إركي نوبة 4

المحاضرة الثانية لدورة اللغة النوبية

دورة اللغة النوبية بشقها الفديجكي مع المحاضر محمد عمر

دورة اللغة النوبية بشقها الفديجكي مع المحاضر محمد عمر

تعليم اللغة النوبية بجمعية ابريم المحاضرة التاسعة مع ا محمدعمر

دورة اللغة النوبية بشقها الفديجكي مع المحاضر محمد عمر

دورة اللغة النوبية بشقها الفديجكي مع المحاضر محمد عمرر

المحاضرة الثانية لدورة اللغة النوبية

المحاضرة الثانية من دورة اللغة النوبية -1

الجزء الاول من تعليم اللغه النوبيه مع ز/ محمد عمر ابن ابريم .

الجزء الثاني من تعليم اللغه النوبيه مع ز/ محمد عمر ابن قرية ابريم .

الجزءالثالث من تعليم اللغه النوبيه مع الدكتور ز/محمد عمر ابن قريه ابريم .

الجزء الرابع من تعليم اللغه النوبيه مع الدكتور ز/ محمد عمر ابن ابريم .

تكملة الجزء الرابع من تعليم اللغه النوبيه مع الدكتور ز/ محمد عمر ابن ابريم .

تكملة الجزء الرابع من تعليم اللغه النوبيه مع الدكتور ز/ محمد عمر ابن ابريم .

"How to read Nobiin" in Nubian language (13 videos) by Muntasar Jarfy

Nubian lessons with grammar (Matokki - Kenzi) by Ahmed Eissa AlKirshawy (45 videos)

Lessons in Nobiin Nubian Language and Heritage by the Nubian Language Society

Learn the Nubian Language through Songs - by Shukri Makki (OOTAWO)

Learn "Old Nubian"... Old Nubian crash course (in English) by Dr. Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei

Old Nubian Crash Course – Day 1: History and Writing System

Old Nubian Crash Course – Day 2: Noun Phrases

Old Nubian Crash Course – Day 3: Quantification, Predication, Person

Old Nubian Crash Course – Day 4: All about the Verb

Old Nubian Crash Course – Day 5: Sentences and Subordination

Periodizing Old Nubian: Philological, Archaeological, and Linguistic Approaches

Introducing the Comparative Nubian Dictionary

Unboxing the book 'A Reference Grammar of Old Nubian' by Dr. Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei

Old Nubian alphabet (in Arabic language)

مواقع الويب التي تحتوي على مصادر للغة النوبية

Nubian Language site on Instagram

موقع اللغة النوبية على انستجرام

Instagram site about the Nubian language with words, sentences and songs with lyrics in Nubian and translations