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Mohammed Mounir - محمد منير

Mohammed Mounir is the best-known Artist of Nubian origin in Egypt and in the Arab World. He was born in the village Durr, in the Aswan region in Old Nubia. He loved singing since he was a child. According to his words, "in Nubia you just give a bump to your friends, and they start singing."

After his primary education in Aswan, and the flooding of his village due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam, he moved to Cairo with his family. Afte he graduated in film, photography and TV from Helwan university, he often sang for his friends at the army. The famous Nubian poet Zeki Mourad introduced him to poets and to Ahmed Mounib, the great Nubian Artist and composer of the time. It's with him that Mohammed Mounir started his career.

At the beginning Mohammed Mounir sang mainly traditional Nubian heritage songs; these are the ones on which we concentrate in our website. Mounir soon became interested in Jazz and Western-style music and mixed it into his songs. His charisma and theatrical movements on the stage gained him a large audience, mainly within the youth and popular circles. Mohammed Mounir moved further away from Nubian art, and finally left Egypt for Germany. Nonetheless he remains one of the most acclaimed singers of Egypt.

محمد منير .. شمندوره .. من برنامج كوك ستوديو

Mohamed Mounir .. "Shamandoura" .. from Coke Studio

محمد منير - إحدى أغاني التراث النوبي (فيديو نادر) | 1990

Mohamed Mounir - Nubian Song (RARE Video)

حصريا_منيب_منير... فيديو نادر جدا

Mohamed Mounir with Ahmed Mounib - "Abayasa" (RARE Video) - Mounib TV - 1982

حصريا لاول مرة منيب ومنير

Mohamed Mounir with Ahmed Mounib, for the first time - "Al Leyla Ya Samra" - Mounib TV Channel 1982

أغنية ونني من مسلسل "المغني" بطولة محمد منير رمضان 2016

Mohamed Mounir - song "Wenni" from his TV series "Al Mughanni" (the singer)

محمد منير - واشرى

Mohamed Mounir - "Woo Ashry"

حنينة - محمد منير

"Henayena" - Mohamed Mounir

محمد منير ,, نالونا ,, نوبي

Mohamed Mounir - "Nalona"

8 - مشاراوي ( شتى نوبي ) - دنيا - محمد منير

8 - Masharawi - Donia - Muhammad Mounir

1 - نودولو - دنيا - محمد منير

1 - Dololo - Muhammad Mounir

5 - يا سلام ( ويلاني ) - دنيا - محمد منير

5 - Oh Peace (Weilanni) - Dunya - Muhammad Mounir

محمد منير اغنية "اليا" اغنية نوبية مترجمة

Mohamed Mounir song "Aleya" is a Nubian song translated

محمد منير اباياسا بترجمه

Mohamed Mounir song "Abayasa"

محمد منير ,, وارهاوى ,, نوبي

Mohamed Mounir song "Warhawy"

جلسة نادرة تجمع احمد منيب ومحمد منير وداليدا ورومان بونكا

A rare session that brings together Ahmed Munib, Mohamed Mounir, Dalida and Roman Punka

جلسة نادرة تجمع احمد منيب ومحمد منير وداليدا ورومان بونكا

A rare session that brings together Ahmed Munib, Mohamed Mounir, Dalida and Roman Punka

أحمد منيب الصندل عام 1977 تقديم الفنان محمد منير

Ahmed Munib Al-Sandal in 1977, presented by artist Mohamed Mounir

محمد منير اغنية نوبية مترجمة (كدوتو)

Muhammad Munir sings "Koudouda" with Arabic translation

محمدمنير والشتا دويتو مع حسين الامام

Muhammad Munir and Al-Sheta a duet with Hussein Al-Imam

ليب الحقيقة و الميلاد - محمد منير

Muhammad Munir sings "Truth and birth"

أغنية نوبي من مسلسل " المغني " غناء محمد منير رمضان 2016

Traditional Nubian song from the series "Al-Mughanni", sung by Mohamed Mounir - Ramadan 2016

محمد منير .. قمر رحيلي نوبي .. من برنامج كوك ستوديو

Mohamed Mounir .. "Qamar Rili" Nubi .. From Cook Studio

محمد منير .. لون يا لون .. من برنامج كوك ستوديو

Mohamed Mounir .. "Allah Lon Ya Lon" .. from Cook Studio

قلبى صفصافة محمد منير (نوبى) هووى

Mohamed Mounir .. "Qalby Safsafa"

محمد منير .. قمر رحيلي نوبي .. عام 1984

Mohammed Mounir - "Qamar Rahaly"

سيا سيا - محمد منير

Mohammed Mounir - "Siya Siya"

نيجرى بيه - محمد منير

Naygiribeh - Mohamed Mounir

محمد منير - ونني (نوبي نادره) - حفل الجامعه الالمانيه 2007

Mohamed Mounir - "Wenni" (a traditional Nubian song) - German University Gala 2007

(محمد منير وخالد عجاج - ليه يا دنيا (فيديو كليب

Muhammad Mounir and Khaled Ajaj - "Leh Ya Dunia"

محمد منير .. الليله يا سمرا .. من برنامج كوك ستوديو

Mohamed Mounir .. "Al Leila Ya Samra" from Coke Studio

محمد منير .. مساكن شعبيه .. من برنامج كوك ستوديو

Mohamed Mounir .. "Masakin Shaabiye" from Coke Studio

محمد منير يابو الطاقيه

Mohamed Mounir .. "Ya abou el taghiye"

عمرو دياب - القاهرة (مع محمد

Mohamed Mounir and Amro Diab .. "Al Qahira"


Mohammed Mounir and Ahmed Mounib - "Abayasa" - with lyrics and Arabic translation - Mounib Media production

شمندوره - محمد منير

Shamandora - Mohamed Mounir

بحر الحياة - محمد منير

Bahar El Hayah - Mohamed Mounir

أه ياسمرانى - محمد منير

Ah Yasmarany - Mohamed Mounir

لقاء نادر - محمد منير يتحدث عن أول اعماله الغنائية وأحمد منيب

A rare meeting - Mohamed Mounir talks about his first songs and Ahmed Munib

Mohammed Mounir sings a Nubian song in an early video

محمد منير يغني أغنية نوبية في فيديو قديمة

30 songs by Mohammed Mounir

30 اعاني محمد منير

Encouragement by Mohammed Mounir...

بتشجيع من محمد منير